Be the Perfect Host with a Steahkhouse Roast

Picking The Perfect Roast

Roasting Tips

  • Order your roast in advance. Demand rises, especially around the holidays. Talk to your meat Fresh Meat Expert about how you can reserve your roast today.
  • Estimate servings ahead of time. Plan on serving six-ounce portions of cooked, trimmed beef when placing your roast order.
  • Serve to the size of your party. If you’re having a smaller get-together, consider opting for a smaller boneless roast (like tenderloin) that’s easy to carve.
  • Always use a meat thermometer. Your special meal is no time to play the guessing game. Use an internal meat thermometer to accurately gauge doneness.
  • Tent your roast with foil. Pull your roast 5 to 10 degrees shy of your desired doneness and tent with foil for 15 to 20 minutes to achieve best results.
  • Carve with a sharpened knife. For optimal results, use a sharpened carving knife and keep your blade at the same angle for each ¼-inch slice.

Doneness Chart

To achieve perfect doneness, just use the doneness chart as your guide.